Saturday, July 28th – Day +68

Hi Everyone,

Well, I talked to Mike tonight and he actually sounded better than he has sounded in a few weeks.  PT doesn’t come in on the weekends but he was going to try and do at least one lap with his nurse tonight.  We talked for a while about everything and I tried to really encourage him to stick with it even though it is going to be tough.  He sounds like he is ready to try and get back on his feet.  This is welcome news to all of us.  He called our Mom today who is still in the hospital in Flint.  She is resting and they are running some tests.  She is still getting fluids because her sodium is very low. 

Thanks for your added prayers these past few days.  I feel like things are looking up.  Even though it is a long road ahead I know Mike can do it and tonight I felt as though he knows that too.

love, Ann

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  1. "Cuzin" Sara Says:

    Good news for all of us to hear that your ready to get on your feet and going again. We all need to have YOU lift our spirits to hear that you’re giving it the old college try!!! Especially, your Mom – please don’t give up, please put your all into your PT and soon rehab – your Mom’s recovery is dependent on your efforts!
    Cuzin Sara

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