Sunday, July 29th – Day +69

Hi Everyone,

Well, Mike did get up and walk 1 lap last night but today he hasn’t been up to walk.  They want his wounds to heal more.  I thought that they originally said that they would heal best if he was up and walking but he said that when he tries to get up it pulls on them and makes them worse.  Oh well, I quess they need to do it in the order that works best.  So, I won’t know if he goes to the Rehab floor tomorrow until I call tomorrow night.  Please note, that when he does go to the Rehab floor they have different rules for visitors than his regular floor.  You’ll need to check with them about when is the best time to visit if you are planning to drop in to see Mike.

He said today that a buddy from Flint and his daughter came to see him.  Denis has been a friend of our brother Joe for a long time.  I know that it made Mike feel better to see them today.

Thanks for the prayers and support.  I’ll continue to keep you all posted.  I’ll also make sure that you get his new room number when he moves to Rehab.

love, Ann

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