Friday, July 27th – Day + 67

Hi Everyone,

Well, life just keeps getting interesting around here.  Mom went to her doc yesterday and today he called her because she had low sodium so she is now over night in McLaren Hospital in Flint getting her fluids in her body straightened around.  She should come home tomorrow. 

I talked to Mike tonight.  I let him know about Mom and checked to see if he was able to be up and walking today.  He said the PT came in and did some exercises with him but didn’t get him up walking.  At this point he is so weak that it is going to take some tough work to get his muscles back and working.  I hope that they can workwith him over the weekend but am not sure about PT schedules on weekends.  He was supposed to go to the Rehab floor Monday if he didn’t go today.  I’ll be surprised if he’s ready by then.  I hope he will be ablet o be on that floor and get moving again.

I did talk to his Social Worker today.  I needed to vent some because I am not sure if Mike is pushing himself as much as he needs to be.  he isn’t a real active person, even though he doesn’t agree with me on that.  I just want PT and the staff to know that he could sit and wait to get better if they let him and I am hoping that they have some great motivational tools to get him going.  I don’t want to get into it with him because he probably doesn’t need a screaming sister right now. ;)

We’ll all keep praying and hope that Mom gets back on her feet soon and that Mike gets moving and really goes hog wild on the Rehab floor and gets back on the path to good health!!

love, Ann

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