Thursday, July 26th – Day +66

Hi Everyone,

Well, my friend Brenda (aka pajama girl) and I headed to Ann Arbor today to see Mike.  It was 4.5 hours of driving (lots of construction, burning car, etc) and about a 2 hour visit with Mike (filled with talks with the aid, nurse, PA, PT, Social Worker and a trip to the pharmacy).  it was a short very busy visit to say the least.

Mike doesn’t have any blood clots in his legs – they thought he did but the ultrasound was negative.  He doesn’t have anything wrong with his heart – they did an echo on him yesterday because his heart was slightly irregular but it was due to his blood pressure med and they did an adjustment.  He is supposed to be transfered to the Rehab floor tomorrow or Monday but I think it may be more like Monday since he didn’t even get up to walk today.  The PT was coming back later to walk with him and evaluate him.  When I called him tonight they were trying to get him into bed, he hadn’t walked, and didn’t have time to talk. 

I think Mike is going to have to get into his mind that he has to dig his heals in at this point and work very hard to get back to the life he had before.  He isn’t moving much at all.  He isn’t able to be up alone at all.  It is going to take a lot of work for him and him alone to get better.  If he doesn’t cut the mustard on the Rehab floor (which the nurse told him was a total privilege to get to that floor) I’m not sure what will happen.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  Our mom is really struggling with her own health issues right now so I am really hopeful that Mike will get on the Rehab floor and work hard and be able to stay there to recover more. 

So, I am calling all my prayer warriors at this time to really pour it on for Mike that he can get up the mental energy to do this.  I will try to keep you posted as best I can this next week.  I will be gone to the Fair many days but will check in with Mom nightly to see what is happening.  Hopefully it will be positive news.

love, Ann

2 Responses to “Thursday, July 26th – Day +66”

  1. Corinne McVee Says:

    Ann, thanks for these updates. You are amazing.

    Mike – we are sending lots of flute energy to you, which of course is the best kind. Keep on fighting this cancer and you will beat it down! We want to hear some good news on the next update about you walking some laps, so be sure to oblige us. You know better than to disappoint flute players!


    Corinne and Sharon

  2. "Cuzin" Sara Says:

    Ok, Cuzin Mike…Time to get hopping!!! Laps, Laps, Laps!!! You have been through a great deal – and so has your Mom and Ann and all… You know nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. So get busy and get to work – You beat down the cancer – Now time to work and get ready to live the rest of your long life!!!

    Prayers for strength, courage, and stamina coming your way! Sara

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