Wednesday, July 25th – Day +65

Hi Everyone,

I talked to Mike briefly tonight.  He was up in a chair and his bottom was hurting because he has some sores that they are trying to get healed up.  He was going to ask for some pain meds which he doesn’t do too often.  I was glad.  You just need relief from pain at times to get well!

Anyway, he had some heart tests today.  An ultrasound which he didn’t know why.  Probably just trying to make sure everything is working right through all this.

I would like to go tomorrow to visit him but am just going to have to wait and see.  If I don’t go tomorrow I won’t be able to visit until after next week – 4-H Fair week is a crazy busy time.  I hate to not see him for that long time.  I’ll see.

Thanks for the prayers once again.  You are probably sick of hearing that from me but I wish I could say it a million times to each of you in person because your prayers are what are helping us all get through this life-changing event!!

love, Ann

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