Friday, June 29th – Day +39

Hi Everyone,

I came home early today because my youngest was having belly pains – trip to the doctor and he’ll be fine – a little acid reflux!! 

I wasn’t really planning on leaving this morning because I wanted to make sure Mike got a shower and his infusion done while I was there to help.  Our friend, Sue, came to the rescue when she got out of work this afternoon.  I started the infusion in the morning and she came and unhooked the IV and then helped Mike with his shower.  She has been really helpful.  Mom just can’t do all this alone and there are times that I just can’t be in Flint so we are very grateful to our friends who have been able to help out at the house.

Mike seems to be improving.  He still needs to get up and walk around more but it just isn’t in his nature to be real active -so – I told him that he needs to walk from the front door to the kitchen back door 6 times a day right now!  That doesn’t include meal times either!  At the hospital he had goals of walking laps and so my neighbor suggested that we set some goals for him at home!  Good suggestion – not sure Mike would agree.  Every step at home is a step closer to going to his home in Alaska.

Mom said she was going to try and get him to play some Scrabble tonight.  Hopefully he’ll play!

I’ll head back to Flint on Monday to spend a few days and do his trip to Ann Arbor on Tuesday.  I’ll be talking ot both Mom and Mike daily so you’ll still hear from me. Keep praying it is helping loads!

love, Ann

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