Thursday, June 28th – Day +38

Hi Everyone,

I am blogging early today since I have been at the computer updating Mike’s Med chart and his daily schedule.  We headed to Ann Arbor this morning at 6:30am and went to the lab, had his Clinic with his Doc and PA and then waited a while to get the bone marrow biopsy done.  Picked up refills and headed home about 1pm.  Mike did great.  Dr. Yanik, his oncologist, is so pleased.  He said that Mom and I (and friends) are doing a great job and that that is what is keeping Mike out of the hospital!  That’s our goal! :)

There were some changes in his meds which indicate his improvement.  He is taking less Lantus (insulin) and less Medral (GVHD drug).  He actually had two blood sugar levels today that didn’t require any insulin.  These little steps are giant ones on his way back to his life!!!

Keep praying.  We do appreciate everyones cards, support and prayers.

love, Ann

PS  I am looking for an uneventful evening with an early bedtime for all!! :)

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