Wednesday, June 27th – Day +37

HI everyone,

I am back from Houghton Lake and all went well there – we usually have a good time!  My son Andy and I arrived back in Flint about 7:30 this evening.  Mike and Mom seemed to be doing good.  I came in and checked all Mike’s meds for our trip to Ann Arbor bright and early tomorrow morning.  It takes some time to keep up on what meds need to be refilled when, but I think I have everything written down.

We need to be at UofM by 8am tomorrow which means we need to leave Mom’s house by 6:30am.  That isn’t a time fit for man, woman or beast in my book!!!  Then he has labs at 8:15, clinic at 9:15 and a bone marrow biopsy at 10am.  That was originially scheduled for 4pm so we are very glad that it got moved up to 10.  Then we head back to Flint.

Hopefully all will go smooth tomorrow.  Mike and I did fine last week and he is a week further out from being in the hospital so a I am confident that it will go great.  Hopefully, he’ll be relieved of some of his meds too. ;)

Thanks for all the prayers.  Thanks to Joe for his long distance blogs so his sister could have a break!!!  It ia greatly appreciated Joe!

love, Ann

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