Tuesday, June 26th – Day +36

blog by Joe:
Just spoke to mom, it’s 10:15 her time she’s heading to bed after a long busy day.

  1. 9:00am Home care nurse came and changed all Mike’s tubes.
  2. 2:00pm Physical Therapist came.
  3. 2:30pm Sue came by helped Mike with a shower. (I didn’t get too many details there)
  4. 6:30pm Joyce came over and brought Turkey Casserole for dinner, sounds like Mike’s getting his appetite back…

Ann should be back to Flint tomorrow to take over all her responsibilities. You’ll get filled in on all the details that I’ve left out over the past 48 hours.  Mom says Mike’s watching some TV, which believe it or not is a GOOD thing. He had lost interest in that in the hospital.

Thanks again for reading!

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  1. Margaret A. Kagerer Says:

    Hi from the Mom – Sue came for the end of the IV session, and then the shower. She has been a gem! Continued prayers for Mike and caregivers appreciated. God bless you all. Love, the Mom

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