Monday, June 25th – Day +35

blog by Joe
Ann asked me to blog today because she’s hangin’ at Houghton Lake with her boyz. Houghton Lake is approximately 124 miles north of Flint, 2,309 miles east of Garden Grove. (maps & directions) I can’t write too much because  I’m not in Flint experiencing every second of the day but I talked to Mom tonight, she and Mike are hangin’ in there, doing well and getting everything taken care of.

A nurse came this morning at 9:30, and Mike was ready for her by 9:00. He’d gotten up, checked his temperature, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, gave himself the prescribed amount of insulin, ate breakfast and took his dozen morning pills before she arrived. …hmm, those nurses seem to get the boy moving… It sounds to me like he’s doing pretty good to me.  Mike’s current prescription count is 29.  Ann has everything charted out so everyone can figure out what’s supposed to happen when.  Mike needs to check his blood sugar and give himself insulin four times a day. He’s been keeping up with that on his own.

I want to thank all of you for reading, praying & supporting Mike and our family during this time. It means so much to all of us.

Thanks for reading!

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