Sunday, June 24th – Day +34

Hi Everyone,

Well, I headed home from Flint around 6pm tonight.  I am very tired.  It was a trying time both physically and mentally because there is just so much to learn and get organized the first few days.  Definitely went better today because we are getting used to the routine.  I am also hoping that it goes smoothly for Mom and Mike for the next few days.  The Home Nurse is going to make visits the next two days and help mom with the IV Infusion and changing Mike’s dressing for his Hickman.  Mom can do it and she does very well, but she is like me and it just makes you nervous to be in charge of some of these medical things.  But, we both did it and Mike helps when he can and that makes a big difference!!  Also, our friends Joyce and Sue will be in and out along with others to help them out.

Mike is getting really good at taking his blood sugar levels and giving himself his insulin shots.  Somethng that I pray I never have to do since I HATE needles.

I had to push him today to get up and move several times.  It is bad when he said he’d sit on the toilet until I come back on Wednesday!  Needless to say that isn’t happening since I told him to get his butt up and get moving!!!!  Nice sister as I am.

Anyway, he did better after that.  It is really hard to move beyond mental blocks that we can make for ourselves.  When you aren’t feeling well and you are depressed because of just everything it is hard to force yourself to get up and start the day and continue through the rest of the day.  I keep telling Mike that he is on the way up now.  His tastebuds are coming back a little and that helps so much when you can taste your food.  Although you should have seen his face when he tried my home canned applesauce – oh I forgot, I don’t put any sugar in it and it can taste a little tart! 

Well, keep praying.  I am going to ask our brother Joe to blog the next two days since the boys and I are going to the lake with the neighborhood moms and kids.  Remember Joe?, he’s the one who uses bullets in his blogs!! Just teasing you Joe!

I’ll be back in Flint on Wednesday night to go with Mike on Thursday to his clinic appoint. and tests. And, I’ll be back to blogging then too! :)

love, Ann

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