Saturday, June 23rd – Day +33

Hi Everyone,

We are about a third of the way to Day +100 – great news!  Each day is getting a little easier.  Today was nice because Mike could just be here at home.  My son, Aaron is here with us and helping out his ‘Uncle Moike’. It was a long day because we are trying hard to get into a routine.  Mike is very worried that he will forget something or that one of us will.  I have a “Daily Schedule” posted for anyone who is here helping Mom and Mike, or just for Mom and Mike to remember things.  I have a “Shower” page posted for Rick, me or anyone who may help him when he takes a shower – of course he cannot do this when he is alone with Mom as his caregiver because it is tooooo much for Mom.  I also have a chart for his “daily numbers” – you know, weight, BP, temp, blood sugar checks and BM’s!  Bet you didn’t need to know that last one did you?! :)

Mike did shower for the first time today here at home.  I went out and purchased a shower chair because he is still very, very weak and we want him to conserve his energy for other activities.  It went very well for being his first time with the new chair and in a bathroom where he isn’t used to showering.  It only took about a half hour from getting everything ready to being squeaky clean!

The IV Infusion went smoother today.  Mom was doing it with my help.  Tomorrow she will ‘solo’ with me watching the proceedure.  I have done it a few times now and am feeling much more comfortable.  Also, the nurse should be coming back too and she can help.

I am hoping to go home tomorrow and head to the lake with my boys and the neighborhood mom’s and their kids.  It is an annual event.  Mom has the phone number and I won’t be too far to come if she needs me.  Mike has expressed several times today that he is worried about me leaving.  I keep assuring him that I will return.

I will be going to Clinic with him on Thursday and for his Bone Marrow Test that will be in Ann Arbor.  Rick may go with us too.

I am really proud of Mike.  He is doing very well considering everything he has been through.  Please pray for him to let go of the worries and concerns and use his energy to get better.

Thanks for everything.  Your support is so important and I know that Mike really appreciates it.  And so do all of us, his family.

love, Ann


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