Friday, June 22nd – Day +32

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for not posting last night but it was a rather long, learning day here at Mom’s.  The Home Health Nurse came after 2pm with miles of paper work and by the time she taught us how to start the IV Infusion it was a little after 6pm.  The infusion takes at least 6 hours.  We’ll I went to bed at 10:30pm until 11:30 pm thinking that the bag of stuff would be empty by around midnight.  Ha!!  Not so, by 1am I had had enough and the bag wasn’t totally empty but I shut it down, flushed his three lines and sent him back off to sleep and I went to sleep until the loud alarm woke me up at 6am to head to Ann Arbor.

Mike and I headed to the clinic at 6:30am and everything went great.  The Doc’s and PA are happy and he looked good.  Went over all meds and concerns, checked his blood sugar, did his drugs, ate a little and headed for home.  Arrived here around noon and when Mike got out of the car he was pretty weak.  His legs started shaking so I just sat him down gently on the grass and lay his head back for a few.  Soon, he got up and went in the house and is now waiting for me to start his IV.  He’s also very hungry and he’s going to eat.  Notice that we are starting the IV much earlier because mom and I are way tooooo old to be up late doing stuff like this.  Actually, he can do this IV during the day all the time and the proceedure is explained very well, in writing so it will be much easier the more we do it.

Oh, he needs the infusion because he is on heavy duty steriods and he needs to have his magnesium replaced.  This will go on for about a month to 6 weeks or until he is off the steriods.  They already lowered the dose of one today! ;)

Keep praying!  Mike is doing much better emotionally and mentally being home.  Cousin Sara is coming out this weekend to help out.  Mike’s next clinic and tests aren’t until next Thursday the 28th and I’ll be taking him to those appointments. 

Thanks for all of your prayers and support!  It is veyr much appreciated.

love, Ann

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  1. Jill Beis Says:

    Such great news! Cheers to Mike and all the Kagerers! Such hard work to get to this point, Mike. What a step forward to be out of the hospital. I hope the sun is shining in Michigan and you can now enjoy seeing all the flowers and shrubs in bloom. We have another rainy weekend here in Halifax. We are all thinking of you!

    Jill, Graham and Sam

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