Wednesday, June 20th – Day +30 continued

Hi again,

Well, Mike got home about 7pm tonight.  He will be living with our mom in Flint, MI.  It was a little hairy tonight staring at 34 bottles of pills and trying to figure out what he needed to take tonight.  It took some time but they figured it out with help from our friend Joyce.  I am heading to Flint tomorrow to help out and will be bringing some pill sorting boxes with me.  I figure the kind I use to sort embroidery floss should work great.

I have to have Mike in Ann Arbor by 8am on Friday for blood work and a doctors visit.  He is going to have some drugs infused at home and so mom and I will learn how to do that tomorrow from the home care nurse.

Thanks for the prayers.  He is home and that is so great.  He even said his taste buds must be coming back a little because the egg and toast mom made were good!!!!

love, Ann

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  1. Julie Wilson Says:

    Wonderful news to hear that Mike is home! And with an appetite – that is great! You all are still in our prayers, and we are hoping for a speedy recovery for Mike. God’s Peace, Julie

  2. Cousin Sara Says:

    Hey, Mike!

    Hope you now are getting to Mom’s computer (I mean I hope she lets you in between her Free Cell games). Hope teh trip to A squared didn’t completely wear you out! Be sure you keep walking!! Very important!
    Take care – talk soon! Love, Cuzin Sara

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