Saturday, June 30th – Day +40

Hi Everyone,

Well, I cannot believe that we are at day 40 already.  I am sure that Mike doesn’t think it is going fast but it is going faster than I would have thought it would.  Ten more days and we are half way home!

Mom and Mike did have a surprise call last night at 11pm.  It was UofM Hospital calling and asking Mom to bring Mike in so they could redo a blood draw.  It seems one that was taken at 8am Thursday morning was contaminated.  Anyway, not the time of night for mom to be running around and she and Mike were the only ones home since I had left that morning for home.

This morning at 8am Rick took Mike to McLaren Hospital in Flint and they did the blood draw.  Mike needed to stay there several hours and they ran an IV Antibiotic too.  I am curious to see if the contamination was in one of his lines or was at the hospital.  We use one of his lines daily to run his Infusion and we try to be very careful, so hopefully it wasn’t from something we did. 

The rest of the day was uneventful and Mike did nap this afternoon after his unexpected morning run with Rick.  I am very grateful that Rick was able to take Mike today.  It helped us out alot.  Mom even went to church this afternoon because Chris, our friend and mom’s neighbor, came down (as she did last Saturday afternoon) and stayed with Mike. 

I got a call today from Bruce’s (my husband) cousin who is a pharmacist.  He was offering his help.  Boy, we are both so blessed to have professionals in both our families who are trying to help us during this time.  My cousins, Ron and Sara, have been working with us and to add another is just great.  I’ll be talking to Pat on Monday to see what he can do for Mike. 

Thanks to everyone who has been so helpful.  You don’t realize how even the littlest thing can make a hugh difference!  Please keep up the prayers because they are the most helpful to all of us! 
Love, Ann

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  1. Margaret A. Kagerer Says:

    The Mom will add that the same Dr. who called at 11pm, then detained Mike and Rick at McLaren for an extra hour and a half, by not returning McLaren’s Page to her for discharge after they were all through with the patient! Grrrr…..

    Prayers still crucial! Thanks! God bless you all. Love, the Mom

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