Wednesday, May 30th – Day 9

Hi Everyone,

Well, I went to see Mike today and I think that Mom and her friends wore him out yesterday!! ;-)

Just kidding.  He was in bed all day and sleeping for most of it.  It wasn’t because of yacking with Mom though it is because his counts are low and his throat is very sore.  He is on Morphine for the pain which accounts for some of the sleepiness.  He can’t eat and he can barely drink any water.  Believe me, they are keeping him hydrated though!  It is all just part of what happens when you have a BMT.  I talked to Becky his nurse and she said that hopefully in 4-5 days his counts will start going up.  That will mean engraftment has happened (in terms that I can understand it means that Rick’s cells are getting to work in Mike’s bod).  He will probably have a few more bad days.

I just sat in his room and smiled and waved at him when he opened his eyes, fetched the urinal for him, read his copy of the Ann Arbor news and did some puzzles.  I held his hand before I left and assured him that in a few days things would start looking better.  I told him how proud we all are of him for doing this and how much we love him.  He just smiled his best Mike smile (that’s the one with his eyes squinted shut).

Please keep up the prayers!!  Thanks again for everything.  All the positive messages are very helpful.

love, Ann

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  1. The Enright family Says:

    Hi Mike,

    We are long time friends of Bruce and Ann; in fact they stood up for us at our wedding some 15 years ago. Just want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!

  2. Kerri Hafner Says:

    Hi Mike,
    You are so lucky to have such a wonderful family that is so supportive of you. It is so obvious how much they love you. Unfortunately, I don’t know you but I know your sister Ann very well and I teach your nephews Nick and Andy. We continue to pray for you and for engraftment!!! Take Care!!! Kerri Hafner

  3. Julie Wilson Says:

    Hi Cousin Mike! I am praying for you everyday, as are Aunt Babs, and cousins Chris, Amy, and Mary. I have sent this site to all my friends and family to let them see what a wonderful family you all are – so much love and support!!!! We’ll continue to keep you all in our prayers, and please know how much we love you all. God’s Peace and Love, Julie

  4. Corinne and Sharon Says:

    HI Mike!

    We have been reading on this great website. It is great to hear that you are getting through the treatment. We miss seeing you at the store – and that clarinet you are working on is just waiting for you to come back and fix it, finally. :) Hey, do you want to know the definition of perfect pitch? It’s when you lob a clarinet in the toilet without hitting the rim.

    We are thinking of you lots and sending our strongest prayers and best wishes! Love, Corinne McVee and Sharon Nowak

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