Tuesday, May 29th – Day 8

Hi Everyone,

It is 5:40pm and I just talked to Mike.  His throat is very sore.  They got him some meds to help with that.  He is on a liquid diet because he is having such a hard time swallowing because it hurts!  He was resting before he had dinner.

Mike said mom and her friends came for a visit before lunch and then they went out for awhile and then came back in the afternoon.  He said it was a good visit.  I am planning on going tomorrow and my friend Brenda (alias ‘pajama girl’) is riding alone with me.  She’ll say hi to Mike and visit for a short time the head to the family room to hang out while I stay for awhile with Mike.  Mike met her at my house this past Christmas.  My friends come over the morning after Christmas for “coffee” (oh and Baileys).  Anyway, she wore her Christmas flannel pajamas and hence was nicknamed ‘pajama girl’ by Mike and our brother Joe.  He didn’t seem to object when I said she was coming with me!! ;)

Anyway, I also just read an ‘e’ from my cousin Sara who visited Mike this past weekend.  She said she and Mike had some good talks.  He is having a rough time right now.  She did get into this website with him and showed him the great comments that people have made.  I think that lifted his spirits.  It is such a ‘one day at a time’ type thing to go through.  Sometimes we’ve told him to just take the next few minutes or an hour at a time.  He knows that he has a lot of support and he really appreciates it.

Please keep praying for him that he can just stay focused on getting through this and moving on with his life.  Thanks again for all of your support.

love, Ann

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  1. Mary and Tim Kehoe Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I check the website daily to see how Mike is doing….we pray that he can get through this and move on with his life. It sounds like the Kagerer family is rallying around Mike…what else would we expect.
    Thinking of you Mike!!!!

  2. Margaret A. Kagerer Says:

    Hi – Just an addition to Ann’s progress report. We had a much better visit with Mike than we expected because he felt so bad. He cheered up, walked 4 laps around the unit before lunch and 4 laps afterwards! Everyone cheered him on!He had not been in bed all afternoon so when we left near 5pm, he was ready for bed and rest. The three of us could exhaust the hardiest!! Again thanks for your love, prayers and support. Tan, the Mom

  3. Yvonne Mozee Says:

    Howdy, Mike…We MK fans are getting all the skinny on you thru Ann and your mother. I much admire how your family, including your two ready-to-donate brothers, care for you. They must like you!! . . . don’t we all?!… Your Mom says it was 1984 when I met them – so, Mike, a friendship of 23 years. We will have some memories to compare (but I won’t mention when we ended up in the pokey that time…!)
    Many many prayers – non-stop. Tell your Mom and Ann how much I appreciate their “reports.” Hugs herewith — you might even get one in person one day. Best to you, Mike.

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