Monday, May 28th – Day 7

Hi Everyone,

I called Mike around 6pm and he was trying to eat.  So, I told him I’d call him back.  I did about 45 minutes later.  He just isn’t having a good day today.  We knew that this would happen but I always feel helpless when there is nothing I can do to change the situation.  Mike is getting sores in his mouth and he had a nose bleed today.  Not too bad a bleed, because believe me he has had some bad ones over the years, but still enough to make him nervous. 

Sara, our Ohio cousin, stopped back in this morning to see him on her way home.  She was there when his Doctor came in so she got to talk to him.  He mentioned something about Mike possibly being released next Monday.  But, as the nurse told Mike later, many get released and then are re-admitted for a few days here and there.  Sometimes they need the bed space I quess.  But also you never know, because it all depends on how Mike is doing on Monday.  Things aren’t going to get better quickly since his counts are so low now which means he can’t fight off infections, etc.

Mom and her friends, Sue & Joyce are heading to see him tomorrow and I am still planning on going there on Wednesday.  I told him not to be afraid to tell his visitors to get lost for a while if he needs to nap or just rest.  I always take something to do with me in case he needs a break.

In case you didn’t see, my brother Joe, set up a ‘Donations & Gifts’ page on this website in case anyone would like to make a donation towards Mike’s medication.  He won’t have coverage for his meds once he leaves the hospital.  They could range between $6000.00 and $10,000.00 per month.  Anyway, he even has it set up with PayPal in case people want to use their credit cards. 

We (Mike’s family) really appreciate everyone’s support during this time.  Without your support and prayers this would be almost unimaginably difficult for all of us.  Mike is going through the toughest part but we are all dealing with this too.  Your prayers just give us tremendous support.  Thank you all so much.  Keep up the good work prayer warriors!!

love, Ann

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  1. Margaret A. Kagerer Says:

    5/29/07-9:40pm-My goodnight phone call; Mike revealed to me about sores in his mouth and a sore throat. I reminded Mike of my visit tomorrow with Sue & Joyce. He OK’d the visit and I assured him it could be short or whatever he feels like at the time and we would all understand.
    Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Love Tan (the Mom)

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