Thursday, May 31st – Day 10

Hi Everyone,

Well my day started out with Mom calling to say that Mike was having his worse morning yet.  She called him this morning and he was in terrible shape.  Then she called him this afternoon and asked how he was doing and he said “Better”.  That was a great relief.

I just had a one minute chat with him.  Mike said his Doctor was in twice today and changed his meds.  I said, “Wow, you must be important!”  Mike said, “This is serious business you know!”  I replied, “It sure is especially when it is about one of my brothers!”  Anyway, he was getting some rest and feeling better.  I am very glad. I told him that it was very special to me to spend the day with him yesterday even though we couldn’t talk.  It was good just to be with him.

Keep praying and know that we thank God everyday for all of you who have been supporting us through your thoughts and prayers.

Talk to you tomorrow.
love, Ann

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