Thursday, May 24th – Day 3

Hi All,

Bruce and I had a great visit with Mike today.  It was soooo good to see him and give him a hug and just be with him.  He still looks scruffy with the white beard coming in, but hey – he has hair!!!  Anyway,  we visited with him in the morning.  Then Bruce and I hiked down to ‘Casey’s’ and bought a couple sandwiches and went to the park and ate.  Then we hiked back up to the hospital.  It’s probably a little over a mile one way. Once back to Mike’s room, Bruce read the paper and I walked with Mike around the unit.  We did two laps.  From the comments we received, everyone was glad to see him out and about.  He needs to be out walking so that he doesn’t get pneumonia.  He can’t go off the unit and he has to drag his ‘buddy’ (the IV pole) along and wear a mask, but he did it!  I told mom to tell anyone who visits with him to take him for a lap or two.  He is much more motivated with someone walking with him.

He looks good.  He feels very tired and his nights and days are mixed up.  Meaning that he sleeps during the day and is awake at night.  They are changing a bunch of his meds today so they think that will help him get his days and nights straightened out.

Anyway, keep up the prayers – they work wonders.  This is still a critical time.  Thanks for everything!  Oh, I also told him about messages that have been posted on the site.  He was very pleased.  He hasn’t checked the site out yet because he has been too tired, but hopefully he will soon.

love, Ann

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