Friday, May 25th – Day 4

Hi Everyone,

 I talked to Mike tonight.  He was actually watching a movie.  He said that he didn’t sleep last night and that they were going to try some different meds tonight.  They are pumping him so full of liquids that he’s up every hour to go to the bathroom.  Not much sleeping with that going on!

Mike did get out in the unit and walked around it 8 times.  That is really great.  Two days ago he didn’t hardly get out of bed and then yesterday and today he is out walking the unit.  I hope that he can keep that up because it will help him get better.  I told him I was going to try and get down to see him next Tuesday or Wednesday since I don’t have to teach on those days.

I also talked to Mom today and she said that his Doc. came in and told Mike that there are still going to be some tough days ahead before things start getting better.  So keep up the prayers because I know that they are helping Mike deal with each day (and night)!

Talk to you tomorrow.
love, Ann

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