Wednesday, May 23rd – Day 2

Hi Everyone,

Mom and our friend Sue went down to see Mike today.  He is very tired but doing good.  His counts are going down and that is a good sign.  He is still in the critical time for the BMT but I am glad that there are some “glimmers of the sun” in his recovery so far.  Mom said that he cleaned his plate at lunch today which is an improvement since he wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to eat too much.

Bruce and I are heading to UofM tomorrow to visit with him.  And then our cousin Sara will be seeing him on Sunday and Monday. 

It is very hard for me not to be able to see him more often.  I would spend every day with him if I could!  I know that I have said it many times but “Thank You All” for your support of Mike and our family during this time.  It would be very difficult for all of us if we didn’t have the prayers and support of our friends and many people who we don’t even know personally.  I know it was on Prayer Networks from coast to coast.  That just lifts our spirits!

Talk to you tomorrow night after our visit in person to Mike.  I am taking him some homemade chocolate and butterscotch chip cookies.  I wanted to make him oatmeal raisin, but he can’t have raisins right now! 

love, Ann

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  1. Margaret A. Kagerer Says:

    Mom has to add one more accomplishment for Mike He went into his bathroom dragging his huge IV pole in with him, showered and shampooed, got dressed by himself and back to bed with an unshaven face ((the beard was coming in white!) He did not have the energy to shave, and I assured him it did not matter!
    Thanks again for your continued prayers, love and support. God bless you all. Much Love, Tan (by now you know, Mike’s mom)

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