Tuesday, May 22nd Day 1

Hi Everyone,

We are finally counting forward on our days.  I just talked to Mike.  He is still very tired.  They gave him some Benadryl so hopefully he’ll nap this afternoon.  The Radiation took about 2 hours and he had to lay flat on a skinny table and not move.  It was very difficult for him to do but he did it!  Then they did the transplant right in his room.  It took about an hour.

Today he was given some platelets.  He was having a little reaction and he had a nose bleed and under his jaw was puffy on both sides.  Hopefully that will subside.

I didn’t talk to him long because I was hoping that he could sleep.  Bruce (my husband) and I are still planning on going to see Mike on Thursday.  He said that would be fine. He’s hoping to feel a little better by then. 

Keep the prayers coming Mike’s way.  We are at the critical time these next couple weeks.  Thanks for all the prayers so far.

love, Ann

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  1. Margaret A. Kagerer Says:

    Dear Family and Friends – Mom has to comment to tell you that Sue Peake and I are going to U of M tomorrow, Wed., and I will be taking a brand new iPod from California bro, Joe, with many hours of recordings of Mike’s favorites.
    Rick stopped by today as chipper as a kid as if he did not go through anything the last few weeks! (Oh, if the old lady could bounce back like that!?!)
    Again we thank you for continued prayers for Mike as the next few weeks are critical. God bless you all and thank you. Much Love, Tan (Mike’s mom. also mom to Rick, Ann, John andd Joe! How lucky can youget!!!??? I am so blessed to have 5 great kids & their 3 great spouses!

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