Sunday, September 16th – Day +118

Hi Everyone,

I got a call today from Mike’s nurse.  They put the feeding tube back in today and he was having a rough time not pulling it out!  She told me they did put some soft restraints on his wrists.  I told her that I understand.  He needs the tube in to get his nutrition and his meds.  He isn’t able to realize what he is doing at this time.  He is confused and not able to verablize to much at all. 

She also said that he does have GVHD of the skin.  They are still waiting for his tests results to come back and are hoping that he doesn’t have GVHD in his liver.  That wouldn’t be good.  Actually any infection at this time wouldn’t be good.

So, hopefully when I get down there in a couple days the results will be in and we may have a better idea for his care. 

Please keep praying.  We appreciate all of the support so far.  It has really gotten us through!

love, Ann

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  1. John Says:

    God bless my brother Mike.

  2. Ron Says:

    Mike, rest in peace. Your battles are over. I know you will be find glory in Heaven.

  3. John in Flint Says:

    Amen. Mike was the personification of kindness. He leaves a place behind that no one else I know can fill. We’ll miss him a lot. My c

  4. John in Flint Says:

    My condolences to the family, who did such an amazing job of rallying around him.


  5. Wilmes Family Says:

    Our prayers are with all of you during this time.We will continue to pray for all of you. Our hearts will mourn your loss and rejoice with his new sickness free life with the lord.

    O Lord you gave new life to Mike in the watersof Baptism;
    show mercy to them now, and bring them to the happiness of life in your kingdom.
    David, Mary Margaret, Tony and Matthew

  6. Cynthia Carrasco Says:

    Mike – May You Rest In Peace. May all of us feel his joy as he’s called Home to eternal life. My prayers continue for the family and friends for peace during this time of mourning. I feel as though I know the whole Kagerer Family through the concern, care and love I’ve felt by reading about Mike’s progress. Anne – You are an Angel… Joe – what a wonderful gift you have given in using your talents to keep updates and information avaialble for everyone who loved your brother. God bless all of you.

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