Saturday, September 15th – Day + 117

Hi Everyone,

No big changes today for Mike.  Our cousins, Ron and Sara and our brother Rick visited him today.  I’ll see him mid-week. 

Mom is doing great.  She is wearing her pj’s all day in rebellion since they used to get her up and dressed at 5am!!!!  It’s great that she is home.

I’ll keep you posted – keep praying!

love, Ann

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  1. Cuz'n Ron Says:

    Sara and I stopped to see Mike before the game. We spent about an hour w/ him. He continues to have the sitter in the room. Today he had periods of incoherent speech and that is most like secondary to high levels of certain chemicals the hepatic and renal systems( ok, liver and kidneys) normally handle. He responds when asked questions and expresses pain when present. He remains on TPN (intravenous nutrition) and they have changed his antifungals to one less intensely metabolized by the liver. The Infectious Disease team had been in to discuss Mike and his fungal ‘issues’. The RN reported the LP ( lumbar puncture, aka spinal tap) report had not been received. I did notice he had received a dose of an anti-CD20 medication last nite-one he had received prior to the SCT. The skin biopsy did show GVHD. We continue pray for Mike and all of his caregivers-both the hospital staff and family. The road is very bumpy at this time.

  2. Chris Monk Says:

    Ron, I really appreciate all your explanations. They help those of us who care about Mike, SO MUCH to better understand what is going on. Thanks to you and Sara for going to see him and for learning more about what is going on.
    Chris Monk

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