Wednesday, September 19th – Day +Heaven

Hi Everyone,

It is with extreme sorrow in my heart that I am telling you that Mike died on Tuesday, September 18th at 1:25 in the afternoon. 

My husband, Bruce and our cousin, Sara (from Ohio) and I arrived at UofM Hospital around 9am Tuesday. Mike was in the ICU.  He had been put on life support the night before after he suffered a cardiac arrest during a proceedure to change the tubes to his kidneys.  Deacon Tom came to be with us and called the Hospital Priest to come and pray with us and say the Last Rites and annoint Mike.  After the Priest left the doctors came in and very gently and with great compassion removed all of the life support from Mike.  Mike lived for about two hours after that and Sara, Bruce and I stayed with him throughout that time holding him and talking to him and telling him how much he was loved by so many.  Mike was very peaceful when he died.

Mike will be at Dodds-Dumanois Funeral Home in Flint Michigan on Saturday, September 22nd.  The family will be present at the visitations from 2-4pm and 6-8pm.  (John and Barbara and their boys will not be at that visitation as they will arrive in Michigan that night.) 

Visitation will also be Sunday, September 23rd at Dodds-Dumanois.  The entire family will be there between 1-4pm and 5-6:30pm with a Rosary being recited at 5:30pm. 

Mike’s funeral Mass will be on Monday, September 24th at 11am at St. John Vianney Catholic Church with a lunch immediately following.  All are welcome to stay for the lunch.

Mike will be buried later that week since he chose to be creamated, which will take place after the funeral Mass.

I want to express, once again, my gratitude for all of the support and prayers that have been shown over the past four months.  I have read every comment that has been written – they were wonderful!

Mike was such a kind and gentle man and he was so humbled by everyone’s care and concern.  He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him, especially his family. 

With much love, Tanny, Rick, Sally, Ann, Bruce, John, Barbara, Joe and all of Mike’s nephews.

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  1. Krissy Says:

    Dear Aunt Tani, cousins and all reading,
    I am so saddened by this news of Mike’s passing. As I’m sure we all are. The memories of Mike will live long and alive in our hearts. He has a blessed spirit. The hard work and committment of all of you, family and friends, has been warming to the heart. May Mike rest in peace and may we all believe in the power of LOVE. You all, dear family and friends of Mike, have shown how love and caring can unite and hold force against all odds. To all, take good care, and god bless!
    love from, cousin Krissy in Canada

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