Tuesday, September 11th – Day +113

Hi Everyone,

I spoke with the nurse this afternoon.  Mike had a skin biopsy today to check for GVHD.  Tomorrow morning he will have an MRI of the head and an ultrasound of the abdomen and liver.  They still want to do a bone marrow biopsy but that will probably be sometime on Thursday. 

She thought I might want to wait to visit on Thursday because originally all the tests were going to be done tomorrow.  But, since they are both in the morning I will run errands for the family and then go to Ann Arbor and spend the afternoon with Mike.  Rick and Sal are going to go down on Thursday and Friday to be with him.

He is a little better today and that is a blessing.  When I go I will talk to the BMT doc.  Hopefully he’ll continue to recover.  The PA told me that his liver levels were still rising but they will keep an eye on them and maybe the ultrasound will help them determine the cause.  He has been off one of his meds that could cause that for a couple days now.

Mom is doing very well and hopefully will be going home within a week.  Can’t wait to get her back to her own space!!

Keep up the prayers – they are working.  Thanks so much.
love, Ann

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