Wednesday, September 12th – Day +114

Hi Everyone,

Well Mike was a little better today in that he recognized me more than the other day.  However, his conversation mostly consisted of “Come on Ann, let’s get out of here!!!”.  :)

He had a big day too because this morning he was scheduled for an MRI and an ultrasound.  The ultrasound was a go and they thought they  might see a blood clot in his liver? but they need the MRI to confirm it.  But they couldn’t do the MRI because they couldn’t sedate him enough so they have to do a general on him and hopefully that will be tomorrow.

Then this afternoon they were going to do a bone marrow biopsy and a spinal tap under conscious sedation but they couldn’t do that type of sedation twice in one day. So, the doc did both of them after giving Mike some Morphine.  I was present for those two proceedures and he did very well.  Mike had had his previous bone marrow biopsies without anything but a local!!!  More than I could do I’ll tell you.  He also had a skin biopsy and now they are thinking that his rash is a different thing than GVHD which would be great! Hopefully the skin biopsy will confirm that.

It was a long day.  Mike did very well for all he went through and has been going through.  I think Sally and Rick are going to visit him over the next two days.  I have a lot going on until mid next week when I’ll have a chance to see him again.   I could be there everyday if my life permitted it believe me.

Mom is doing great and is excited about heading home soon.  I am so relieved!  I told her it was good to have her back.

Please keep praying – I really feel Mike still has a chance to make it through all this and get his life back.  Hopefully that will be confirmed within the next week when all of the test results are in.

Thanks and love, Ann

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