Monday, September 10th Day +112

Hi Everyone,

I spoke with Mike’s nurse this afternoon.  No big changes.  He was still waiting for the MRI to happen.  She told me she’d have the doc call me.  He did call, not much later, and we talked about Mike’s wishes that he had expressed to John and they had written down in February.  The doc told me at this point there is still hope so they would do anything for Mike to revive him if something were to happen.  He is still hopeful that there isn’t something else going on and that the meds are what are causing Mike to be confused and disoriented.  They would like to ween him off the pain meds but he needs them right now.  His liver levels aren’t right so they took him off V-Fend and hopefully they’ll level out. 

He also talked about a rash that has come back and he is hoping that it isn’t GVHD ( Graft vs Host Disease) which Mike had early on.  If his liver levels don’t get to normal or he has GVHD again then he will be in trouble – but so far so good.

I told him I’d be in on Wednesday for the day and would bring copies of the papers that John faxed me from Alaska.  I feel much calmer today and at peace that we are doing what we can at this time.

Mom sounds good. ;)  I told her I liked having my “bad teenage daughter” back again (that’s my pet name for her because she is usually full of life).  Hopefully she’ll be moving home soon.

Thanks for the prayers and all of the support!  I know I say that every day but I can never really express to you all what it feels like to know that we are so blessed with wonderful friends.

love, Ann

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  1. Kerri Hafner Says:

    Prayers continue to be sent your way. Hang in there and know that everything is in God’s hands. Keep fighting the big fight!!! You all continue to be in my thoughts!

  2. Yvonne Mozee Says:

    Mike, you have a fabulous family! I think you are overflowing with their love.
    Apologies from me for long silence, following trip to Nome and Juneau. Now
    I’m back in the saddle, and my prayers are much with you, your mom and sisters and your brothers. Ann keeps us up-to-date, bless her much.
    I enjoy hearing when you’ve been exercising! Keep it up!
    I send 17 hugs . . . make it 42 . . . which I’d like to deliver. In the meantime,
    Mike, I’m certain that the Almighty is with you.
    Yvonne (in Sitka)

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