Sunday, September 9th – Day +111

Hi Everyone,

Well, not much changed today with Mike.  He still isn’t himself.  He has moments where he is very aware of things but then drifts off and is confused.  An MRI was ordered today to see if they are missing something.  It will probably be done tomorrow.  The CT of his head didn’t show any bleeds – which is a blessing.  At this time the doc says that he can pull through but it will take a long time. 

I am going to visit him on Wednesday and until then I will call the nurses and talk to them.  They know that if Mike asks to talk to me they can help him call me anytime of the day or night.  But to call him directly is fruitless since he isn’t able to communicate real well right now. 

He is eating a little but isn’t able to manage a fork or spoon.  His fingers and hands don’t have strength in them right now. 

Please pray for him and our family.  Many phone calls were made this weekend.  John faxed me a copy of some papers from their lawyer that gives me some specifics on Mike’s wishes if it comes to that.  I figured that sometime or another John and Mike had talked about such things.  Lots of tears but I feel better that I know what he would like.  And hopefully I’ll never have to initiate it because he’ll pull through all this and it will be only a memory for him!  I do believe in miracles – I’ve seen too many to not believe!

Mom is doing really great.  When I talked to her last night I really felt like she is back!!!!  I am glad.  She was really struggling for awhile there and she wasn’t her old self – wild and energetic!!  Last night and today she seemed like she had gotten back her zest for life.  Thank you God!  She should be in her own home in just a week or so. 

Thanks for everything.  All the support is so very much appreciated!
love, Ann

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