Friday, August 31st – Day + 102

Hi everyone,

Well, Mike moved to 8-A yesterday.  He was still having serious bladder problems stemming from the BK Virus. 

I called him today and he sounded better than he has sounded in weeks! :)  He said they did a proceedure today on his bladder and got rid of all of the blood clots and such and he was feeling much better.  They wouldn’t let him get up and walk today because his white count is quite low.  He told me that PT will be coming in tomorrow and then he should be able to get up and do some walking, etc.  I am glad because when I go to see him next Wednesday I want him to walk the hall with me.

I was very relieved at how good he sounded.  Hopefully we have turned a big corner and he’ll be on the mend.

My family and I stopped to surprise Mom last night.  She was thrilled.  The guys played cards with her and we just visited.  It was good to be able to go see her one more time before school starts.  She is doing very well. 

Keep praying – we sure need it!  We still have some financial decisions to make and that is tough – but we can do this!!!

love, Ann

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