Wednesday, August 29 – Day +100

Hi Everyone,

Well, Mike made it to Day +100!!!!  I went to see him today and spend the day with him at therapy.  The following is a list of all the things Mike did on his own today.  He still needs some assistance or at least someone standing by – but he is really improving.
 -he walked with his walker
 -he went up and down 4 stairs
 -he stand down and got up from a regular chair (18″)
 -he stood and did his work for OT with weights on his wrists
 -he got into his bed and in and out of his wheelchair
 -he got on and off a commode
 -he got into and out of a symulation car

Not bad huh!!!!  Mike seems stronger than just last week when I saw him.  He is moving to 8-A tomorrow to try and get his bladder virus and other infection type stuff under control.  The hard thing about being off the rehab floor is that he’ll have to do his exercises and walk and remember to do them.  His memory is still very affected by all he’s been through. 

I asked the therapists if they could make a big chart with morning and afternoon activities on it to remind him and his aids/nurses about his therapy.  They were going to try and put something together.  If they don’t by next week when I visit again I will put something together and hang it up!  Such a nice sister I am. ;)

Mom called while I was visiting Mike and talked to both of us.  She had another nosebleed during the night but was fine and able to go to her therapy today.  She is doing quite well.

Please continue to pray for all of us.  Many decisions need to be made soon and we want to make the right ones for Mike.  He’ll be on 8-A for a while – not sure what that means.  I’m looking into all of the financial end of things too.

Take care and I’ll be calling Mike everyday and try to blog to keep you all updated.  I may not be able to call him tomorrow as he’ll have a new phone number. 

love, Ann

2 Responses to “Wednesday, August 29 – Day +100”

  1. Krissy Kagerer Says:

    100 days! Yee haw!!! Congratulations on hitting the centennial mark. Mike you are doing GREAT and each day will get better and better. And easier and easier. We are all thinking of you and sending our get well wishes each and every day. And to Tani too. Deep breaths and positive thoughts. You are such a strong family. Thank you Ann for all the updates. You are so dedicated. Here’s an idea … how about getting those “creative” boys of yours to make an exercise chart for Uncle Mike. I’m sure they can come up with some funky pictograms. Take good care! Love from your cousin Krissy in Canada

  2. Carol & Charlie Kagerer Says:

    A great big hug for Mike!
    You and Mom are in our prayers each and every day. So glad that you are now progressing so well. Keep up the good work and you will get there.
    A great big THANK YOU to you Ann for keeping us all updated. I know it can’t be easy for you. A great big hug to Tani also and our best wishes to get well again. You are all in our thoughts and prayers every day, and GOD willing all will be well in good time.
    Love from all of us Canadian Kagerer’s

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