Tuesday, August 28th – Day +99

Hi everyone,

Please hold all mail and telephone calls to Mike since he will most likely be moving back to 8-A on Thursday.  Tomorrow is his last day on the Rehab and he is still fighting the BK Virus (bladder issues) and really needs nursing care – so he is being bounced back to the BMT floor (8-A).  Also the nutritionist said that he isn’t eating enough yet.  He needs alot more protein for energy to exercise and for healing his skin sores.  Never thought I’d ever hear anyone say that a Kagerer wasn’t eating enough! ;)  At least he knows the staff on 8-A and it may be an easier transition.  He will begin private pay as of Friday though unless by some miracle his insurance company made a mistake and he has more coverage!!!  That would be awesome!

But, he needs to be there and so that’s where he’ll be.  I will be talking to staff tomorrow when i go to see him and see what the future holds.  They may have some ideas but it will probably be more the one day at a time thing!  Oh well.  That’s life at this moment.

Mom is doing fine.  Her therapist told her she didn’t need her wheelchair anymore but Mom doesn’t want to give it up because it is comfortable for her to use as a regular chair.  We’ll see if they let her just use it to sit in.  She is up and about more and that is just great.  I told her when she gets home we’ll have a party!  She loved that idea.

Well, take care and watch the contact page in the next few days for Mike’s new address and telephone number.  I’ll blog tomorrow after I get home from my visit with him.

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