Monday, August 27th – Day +98

Hi Everyone,

I talked to Mike tonight.  He was very tired.  He is still have some serious issues with his bladder.  He sounded like he might have a proceedure done tomorrow to address the issues.  He also said that three docs from the BMT team came in to check on his rash on his back.  They decided not to do anything at this time.

He did get to go to therapy today.  He was glad because yesterday he was having so many bladder problems that he wasn’t sure they’d let him go.  But he did and he said it went pretty good.

I am going on Wednesday and one of the Social Workers is trying to set up a meeting for me with some of his team so we can discuss the next step.  I have heard both from Mike and one of the Social Workers that he may need to go back to the BMT floor.  he hasn’t been moved yet but if he does go I will let everyone know through the blog.  His contact info would change again.

Mom is doing well.  She went to her therapy today and did alot of walking.  I hope it won’t be long and she’ll be back in her own home.

Thanks for all the prayers and support.  You are all so wonderful!

love, Ann

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