Sunday, August 26th – Day +97

Hi Everyone,

I didn’t talk to Mike last night so I waited until today to blog.  I talked to him this afternoon and he has had to have that bladder proceedure again and now they have him cathed for a while.  He also said that the rash on his back may be the GVHD (Graft vs Host Disease) again.  Fun, fun.  He said that yesterday was pretty rough but he made it through.  He is hoping that he can continue his therapy tomorrow but isn’t sure.  A couple staff members told him he was going back to the 8th floor but I haven’t heard that yet and I am thinking they’ll let me know. 

I am going Wednesday to see him and hopefully speak in person to some of the Social Workers.  I know that they were thinking he was going to come to the farm this Friday but I sent an email to them to let all of Mike’s staff know that he cannot leave the hospital and come to any of our homes with the bladder issues that he has now.  He needs nursing care for those types of things. 

My boys and I went to see Mom today and they played cards with her and she loved that.  She thought she was having therapy today but she didn’t so she’ll wait till tomorrow.  She is getting much stronger and is able to stand without any assistance!  You go girl!

Thanks for your support and prayers.  Check out the new page on the website that Joe created – the “Timeline” page.  Joe went through the blog and put the important milestones on this page.

love, Ann

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