Friday, August 24th – Day +95

Hi Everyone,

Well, once again Mike is having troubles.  He now has a rash on his back and he is still having to be cathed to empty his bladder completely.  Also, the Social Worker on the Rehab floor called today and his time on rehab ends earlier than we thought.  His insurance allows him 30 days and that will end on Sept. 1.  He would need to make arrangements by the 31st. 

Lots of things up in the air.  Waiting to see if he can come here to the farm but don’t think that is the best choice for him.  He might be able to go to a Rehab place in Ann Arbor but it is like a nursing home and the BMT team wouldn’t like that choice either.  Too many chances for an infection and we know he seems to get them all.

If he stays on the Rehab floor or goes back to the BMT floor he will be private pay – probably around $3000. – $4000. a day.  Yep you read that right.  Mike does have some money but it won’t last long but then we’d have to apply for Medcaid (I believe that’s the one). 

So, as you can see there will be many decisions in the next week.  As far as Mike is concerned and his therapy, he is doing better.  Still quite weak but is able to get around better than even last week.  He would still need help with some things.  The urinary problems are a big issue and hopefully something will happen and straighten out in the next couple days.  Also the rash on his back being new needs to be tested.  Plus his Day +100 tests are coming due next week.

Please, pray that everything can be sorted out soon.  I will make all decisions with Mike’s best interest at heart.  Money isn’t everything!!! His recovery is the top matter and will be as far as I am concerned and I know my family feels the same way.

Thanks for all your support.  Really we do feel it and it really gets us through all these little ups and downs.

Mom is doing better.  Her nosebleed is taken care to and she went to her therapy today.  The boys and I are heading to see her on Sunday.  I probably won’t get to see Mike until Wednesday the way the week looks now.

love, Ann

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