Thursday, August 23rd – Day +94

Hi Everyone,

I talked to Mike and Mom between storms tonight. 

Mike said he did pretty good in his therapy sessions today.  When he got back this afternoon the Urologist came and cleaned out his bladder.  Doesn’t sound fun and it really wasn’t!  Mike has been fighting the BK Virus for some time.  It got better (but didn’t really go away completely) and than it flared up again.  Lately he tries to pee and then they scan his bladder and it still is very full.  Then he has to be cathed because there are large bloodclots that are obstructing the path out!  So, the Urologist decided today that enough was enough and went in and cleaned Mike’s  bladder out.  Mike is still sore but will hopefully be able to empty his bladder completely now and also get rid of this virus. 

I haven’t heard anything from any of the Social Workers yet as to plans for Mike after his hospital rehab is finished so I’m just waiting.  I may try and call someone next Monday to see what is going on.

Mom called me around noon today and said that she missed her therapy because she got a nosebleed at 8am and they were still working on it.  They packed her nose as her doc advised.  When I called her tonight it was still packed.  She sounded pretty good but did miss all of her therapy today and she didn’t like that.  I told her missing one day would be fine – she’d bounce right back tomorrow! 

She is not one to sit around too much so to just be sitting around all day was hard for her.  Hopefully in the morning her nose will cooperate and she’ll be back to rehabing!!

Thanks for your support and prayers.  I do believe that Mike and Mom are doing as well as they are because of all of you!!!!!  They feel very much loved.

Talk to you tomorrow.  love, Ann

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