Wednesday, August 22nd – Day +93

Hi Everyone,

I am blogging quick tonight because there is a big storm rolling in and I want to shut down the computer.

I went to see Mike today and left a big list of questions for his Social Worker so that I can start preparing for his departure from the hospital in a couple weeks.  Depending on where he is going to go it may take that long to get things in order.

The therapists are talking about him possible coming to stay with me and my family.  She asked me a bunch of questions today and I told her things that she needed to find out also.  A lot depends on the BMT team and whether or not it would be ‘safe’ for Mike here due to the fact that we having a working farm with animals.  Also it depends on whether or not he needs to be going to continuous therapy.  If he needs regular therapy then he will go to another facility in Ann Arbor for a time.

He worked on the stairs today in therapy but said that he fell up them and onto his therapist (who is this cute, petite girl).  He said she wasn’t injured and neither was he.  I quess he will be working a little more on strengthening the old thigh muscles!!  Other than that his therapy went fine today.

I haven’t talked to mom yet today and so I’ll let you know how she is doing tomorrow.

Thanks for the prayers and support.  Please send a few up for me and my family as we try to get ready for the possiblity of Uncle Mike staying with us.  I think the boys will be fine.  They are at the ages that they can be of help.  Bruce will handle it fine – he is very layed back.  Anyway, I’m the hyper one so I’m sure it will be a little more stressful for me.

Thanks again.  Talk to you tomorrow. love, Ann

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