Tuesday, August 21st – Day +92

Hi Everyone,

Mom called me this noon and was having a good day.  She is progressing quite well and the therapist are very encouraged by her progress.

I talked to Mike this evening and he had just finished dinner.  He said he had a good visit with Sara and Ron last night.  They stayed about an hour before heading home to Ohio.

Mike said that he is back dealing with the BK Virus and some other infections.  It will be hard for him until next May when he can begin his immunizations.  His amunity level is pretty much non existant so he’ll have to be extra careful about infections and such.  He said he went to therapy and that he had some good sessions.  He worked on his had exercises in OT and I teased him about making me a rug or something!! 

I am going to head to Ann Arbor in the morning and spend most of the day with him.  Hopefully I’ll get to one of his morning therapy sessions, but if not maybe I’ll stay for an afternoon one. 

Thanks for the continued support!  I know Mike is very aprreciative.

love, Ann

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