Saturday, September 1st – Day +103

Hi Everyone,

My cousin Sara called tonight and she and her husband, Ron, stopped to see Mike today.  They were up from Ohio.  Anyway, Mike wasn’t having a good day!  More bladder issues.  They are doing this flushing treatment but the bad thing is he is in pain and his cath is attached to a large bag that is laying on the floor.  So, he is stuck in his bed!  Not good, considering he was finally getting a little stronger and now he’s been in bed the last three days.  They did give him some pain meds and by the time I called him later he was doing better.  Sounding like I woke  him up but I didn’t.  He said that PT was in to wrap his legs (to keep the fluid down). 

We talked for quite a while and I tried to gently stress the importance of doing some exercises in his bed.  I know that Sara and Ron tried to talk to him about this too.  This was exactly what I was worried about when he left the Rehab floor – he wouldn’t be able to focus enough to keep himself motivated.

I can’t go until Wednesday to see him but I am going to call the nursing station tomorrow and try to talk to his nurse.  I really need them to talk to his docs and get him up and moving.  I am just really concerned that he will go downhill (in the strength area) without exercising daily.  So, hopefully I can get my point heard.

Mom sounded good today.  She seems to be getting stronger and her therapist are still trying to ween her off using her wheelchair.  She can walk but she says she thinks it’s comfortable to sit in!  She still needs to learn to self-cath again and then I hope she’ll be going home.

Thanks for your prayers.  Please keep them up.  We all need them right now.  It really feels like we’ve been running uphill since May and it would be nice to get on a level stretch or turn the corner and head home!

love, Ann

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