Wednesday, August 1st – Day +72

Hi Everyone,

I just talked to Mike tonight and he walked 3 times today!!!!!  I am so proud of him.  He is pretty sure that he is being transfered to the Rehab floor tomorrow.  As I said in an earlier blog, please check with the Rehab floor about visiting hours.  They are sometimes quite strict because the patients need to do all their therapy and not be interrupted.

I will let you know as soon as I do a new room number and phone number for Mike.  I know that Mike is apprehensive but I do think that he is ready now to really put forth the effort, and I told him that!  I told him it seemed like for a while that he thought that by resting he’d recover and now he knows that it is going to take some hard work and that he is ready to do just that! 

I also just called Mom and she may be transfered to a Rehab place on Friday this week.  Pretty soon she and Mike will be out walking 3 miles a day with me! ;)

Please keep praying for our family.  Next week I should be able to visit both Mom and Mike and see how they are progressing first hand.

love, Ann

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  1. Krissy Kagerer Says:

    Hard work builds character. Or so I’m told. By some “ancient” Kagerer folk, I believe… Mike, you are already such a character. So I’m guessing hard work will bring strength to you. That is what you need right now. Please do know, we are all being strong for you and we are sending this strength your way each and every day in our prayers and get well wishes. Thank you to your family and especially Ann for being so dedicated in giving us regular updates and positive spirit. I am also wishing Aunt Tani all the best and wishing her swift recovery. You are such a trooper Tani!!! Love from cousin Krissy in Canada

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