Saturday, July 21st – Day +61

Hi Everyone,

Well, I called Mike this evening and woke him up.  I hate when I do that but he does nap quite often because he doesn’t sleep through the night with all the nurses running in and out every 4 hours.  Anyway he was tired.  He did get up and do some walking today but had to take a sponge bath because he was too tired to head to the shower.  I hope that he regains his strength so that he can come back home sooner than later.  Once he can be up and about and take care of his ‘daily living’ activities then he’ll be able to be out of the hospital again.  Also, when the virus is totally under control – which they are working on. 

Mike seems to be doing pretty good through these set-backs.  The staff said that these happen to BMT patients and that they just have to take their time and work their way back up again. 

It is hard to know who will get what side effects so the docs can’t really warn you about them all.  Mike has had his share and that doesn’t help in the recovery process.  But, with all the prayers still flying I know that he can do this.

I told him that know that he is clean from cancer he can’t give up!!!  He has his whole life ahead of him and that this is just a short time in the scheme.  It seems like forever when you are going through it but later it won’t seem like it took that long.

Keep praying and you can send cards to the address posted on the site.

love, Ann

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