Monday, June 18th – Day +28

Hi Everyone,

Bruce and I had a good visit with Mike today.  He got to eat roast beef for lunch and should be having that again for dinner.  He is on the GVHD #2 diet now which means he has some variety once again.  His tastebuds aren’t functioning yet but they should come back pretty soon.  Bruce asked him what his favorite meal is and he replied pot roast, potatoes and carrots – a Kagerer favorite all the way around.  So mom, now you know what you’ll be cooking when Mike gets home!

Mike also walked with me 4 laps and peddled his exerciser for 10 minutes.  I jogged in place with him the last 3 minutes.  Glad that the nurses didn’t come in during that little exercise class! ;)

Mike also was unhooked from two IV lines today and actually had one of the ‘boxes’ on his pole removed.  He has three boxes left where they hook up his drugs but his nurse said one of the other ones may go tomorrow.  He is taking more of his drugs in pill form.  All this points towards him getting out.  Eating, walking, taking pills instead of being on IV’s, etc. will get him home!!!!

Mike smiled today several times while we were there and it was great to see that.  Not his big smile where his eyes close to little slits, but I bet that smile will be back when he gets to go home.

Bruce and I met a Greek Orthodox Priest today whose son-in-law was just diagnosed with a type of lukemia and he asked about Mike and said he would pray for him too.  That was so moving.  I know that Bruce and I will keep his son-in-law in our prayers too.

Thanks once again for all the prayers.

love, Ann 

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