Monday, September 24th – A Beautiful Funeral

Dear Friends & Family,

This is Joe, Ann is on her way back to Fowler with her family, it’s been a very long weekend for us. I thought that I’d blog, and give her a break.

Today we had a beautiful Funeral Mass and Celebration of Mike’s life. I would like to thank all the people that came from across the country to share this time with our family, it was truely a special time and a great tribute to Mike and a testimonial to the impact he’s made on our lives.

Many of you have expressed your desire to be here, but couldn’t make it. I know that all of you were with us in spirit and thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

I have posted the photos of Mike that we had on display. I hope you enjoy these and remember the good times we had with Mike.
Mike’s Photo Gallery

Thank you all for reading and following Mike’s story.
The Kagerer Family

3 Responses to “Monday, September 24th – A Beautiful Funeral”

  1. Chris Monk Says:

    Thanks Joe for putting all those photos on line. They’re great …

  2. Yvonne Mozee Says:

    Yes, I too thank you for the display of photographs. Thinking of Mike today so it’s good to see the photo of his life, his family.
    Seems to me he couldn’t have asked for a better family…. I’m very glad for that.
    Thanks again for your care in keeping us all abreast of Mike’s progress.
    Yvonne (in Sitka)

  3. Ann (Mike's sister) Says:

    Thanks Joe for blogging last night. I too thought that Mike’s funeral was a beautiful celebration of Mike’s life. John’s words were very uplifting to me. I am so proud of Mike for trying! He really did work hard. I will never forget the time that I spent with Mike – it was truly a blessing in my life and in our relationship. He was a very gentle, kind spirit and I will miss him. I love you Mike! your sister ‘the nun’, Ann

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