Friday, September 7th – Day +109

Hi Everyone,

I spoke to Mike’s nurse earlier today and she said that Mike thought I was going to see him today.  I told her I was planning on seeing him on Satruday.  She also told me that he wanted to call me and so she was going to try and help him do that this afternoon.

When I hadn’t heard from him by 4pm I decided to call the nurses station and have his nurse at his room to receive my call.  Mike talked but I couldn’t really understand him.  He is very disoriented right now.  He was telling me that they were going to move him.  So, I talked to his nurse and she said that he was just very tired and was confused.  She said that he did have moments when he was focused.  She also told me that someone would be staying right in his room all night with him.  They are concerned that Mike might take a tube out or something because he isn’t totally with it. 

I am planning of leaving early in the morning so I can spend the bulk of the day with him.  He is in really tough shape and it is going to take a lot for him to come back at this point.  Please pray for him.  I feel bad that he has had such a rough road.  I’ll blog tomorrow night and let you know about our day together. 

Mom is fine.  She is really working on her therapy and is getting in shape to go home soon.  I know all this with Mike is very hard for her but she is concentrating on her own recovery right now and that she should!!!!

Thanks for all your prayers and support for Mike and for our family!  We are so grateful!

love, Ann

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