Hi Everyone

Mike Kagerer

I am going to be sending out updates, hopefully weekly on Mike. For those of you with whom I haven’t been in contact recently, Mike is going into U of M Hospital on May 15th for a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT). He will be going in on Monday the 14th for an outpatient procedure to have a port put in. Then on Tuesday he and I will head back to Ann Arbor to have him admitted to the hospital.

On Wednesday he will begin four days of intense Chemo. On Sunday, the 20th he will not have any treatments. It will be a day of rest for him.

Then on Monday May 21st, our brother Rick will go to Ann Arbor to donate stem cells for Mike. If they get enough that day then Rick will be finished, if not he will donate again on Tuesday. Mike will either get the stem cell transplant on Monday or Tuesday or possible both days. Just depends on the numbers.

Then it will be a waiting time to see if they begin to work. Somewhere around day 14 after the transplant is when that usually begins to happen.

Mike came into Flint a couple weeks ago and is staying with Mom. After he is released from the hospital he will return to mom’s home. They said he could stay there because it is within and hour from U of M. He will need to go to the hospital probably 3 times a week during his recovery period.

We of course need many prayers. This is a very serious event in all of our lives. Mike doesn’t have prescription coverage and the meds alone after his hospital stay will run somewhere between $6,000.00 and $10,000.00 per month. Please pray that he will be able to recovery quickly and that he will not require the higher amount of meds to do so.

Thank you for all of your prayers over the past couple years that Mike has been dealing with CLL. We all appreciate it and can feel the presence of God with us.

I’ll write again soon.


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